Company Accountant (Senior Position) 10+ years experience Bookkeepers ( Day-Day Bookkeeping - Flexible Hours Min 5 years experience (UK Qualified/UK Passport Holders ONLY)

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TADBEER-Housekeeping is looking to recruit a Senior Accountant| and Several Bookkeepers


The Tadbeer-Housekeeping company is a Public Private Partnership with MOHRE, and will manage and operate a TADBEER Service Centre handling all domestic and household workers under the MOHRE system.

The site is strategically located at the entrance to the FAB Metro station (Jumeirah side) and offers high visibility and accountability for both families and domestic and household workers.

Tadbeer handles all recruitment and placement, all visa processing, on demand labour supply, and training and management pertaining to all domestic and household workers.


Key Responsibilities

The Position includes preparation and analysis of:

  • Company Financial Reports
  • Customers and Receivables reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Purchases Reports
  • Employee and Payroll reports
  • Banking reports
  • Account and Tax reports
  • Preparation for audits


Remuneration and Benefits:

We are a fair hiring company, offering staff members excellent salary package, profit share, and superb benefits including child-care, Complimentary Housekeeping, Baby-sitting service, monthly beauty treatments and other benefits.

Company offers flexible working hours for Bookkeepers

Send your CV to :

All Qualifications must be attested prior to interview

Please be aware that a CID Police Clearance Certificate is a requirement prior to start of employment, and therefore all formalities must be in order to facilitate a fast track start of employment. 


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