It Is NOT OK to use somebody’s VISIT VISA

Jun 13, 2016

It is not OK to use somebody’s visit visa.

I recently interviewed a girl from Kenya….she had a 3 month Visit Visa, and came for an interview to secure a job as a Housekeeper.

She was already working and living with a family in a well-established gated community in Dubai. She hadn’t eaten for 2 days, and had just lost 6 kilos…there was no extra fat on her already thin body.

She was evidently exhausted from not eating properly, and the effects of verbal abuse throughout her “employment”, meant that she was slow in being able to communicate effectively.

They had taken her passport and promised to process the visa. She was only paid 30% of her salary in cash, and the balance was meant to be sent back home by the “employer”.

I knew that this “employer” were only using her Visit Visa status as a temporary measure before they would “dump” her on a flight back to Kenya, which inevitably would come from her salary.

This is wrong on so many levels.

It is never right to utilise the Visit Visa for a trial, (not even for 3 days paid trial period.)

It is incorrect ethically to use the expense of a migrant domestic worker, who  has come into the UAE in search of work.

She has saved the employer the cost of recruitment and deployment, and paid her own Visit Visa .

The migrant domestic worker, in coming to the UAE will have incurred debt, taken a loan with high interest repayments, and made promises to family members in sending remittances on a regular basis.

After giving sound advice on how best to handle the situation, this poor girl had no more energy to cope. She couldn’t bear the thought of enduring verbal and emotional abuse from the “employer” and decided to wait until her visa had expired, and they would inevitably put her on a flight back to her source country.

This is not where her challenges and abuse end.

If she goes back to her home, she will have to face the emotional pressure, abuse, and social stigma and burden of being debt ridden and failing at getting a job.

Many of these poor victims chose not to return to their families, for fear of retribution or out-casting. They try and get jobs in the major cities, and some inevitably end up dabbling in the oldest profession known.

It a vicious cycle.

Think ethically and know your source!

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