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VIP Services


2 Year Domestic Workers VISA

AED 8500

• 2 Year Domestic Worker Residency with Full Sponsorship + 2 Year Insurance @ AED 8500.
• VIP Guest Relations will guide you throughout.
• MOHRE contract and WPS (Salary) Protected.
• Flexible Payment Plan.


Door-to-Door Maid Visa

AED 550

This is a Door-to-Door Maid Visa Service(Maid visa service, Nanny visa service, Babysitter visa service, Housekeeper visa service)
We collect your documents and process your domestic/household worker visa without you having to visit our TADBEER Centre. We deliver it back to you complete! Stress Free!

We will come to your office/home to collect your documents.

NO Need to visit our TADBEER Center - Completely Stress Free, professionally managed by our VIP Guest Relations Team who will guide you through the documents required, we will dispatch our courier service to collect your documents.

This government typing for domestic workers can be time consuming and stressful.

We will process each step of your maids visa whether that be cancellation, renewal, absconding, new entry permit etc….and we will handle all required government typing including medical insurance, Emirates ID.

Notification is sent on each step process, and final completion handled by your personal dedicated VIP Guest Relations Manager