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2 Year Maid or Nanny Visa
Full Sponsorship with 2 Year Insurance.

  • Fast Track Process & Dedicated PRO Officer.

@ AED 8,500


A One Stop Center for Domestic Worker Visa Services

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What do you get with a Sponsored Worker?

• 2 Year Domestic Worker Residency with Full Sponsorship + 2 Year Insurance @ AED 8500

• VIP Guest Relations will guide you throughout

• MOHRE contract and WPS ( Salary) Protected

• Flexible Payment Plan

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Private Sponsorship Our Sponsorship
Years Validity 1 Year 2 Years
Costs for Sponsorship 11,500 8,500
Renewal Fees 7,500 NONE
Total FEES 19,000 8,500
2 YEAR VISA @ AED 8,500
30 Days Settling in Program 750 FREE
WPS Account & Salary Card Not Covered Covered
Manage HR & PRO Services Not Covered Covered
7 visits to get the VISA
No Guarantee
No Replacement
No Protection against Absconding
Stressful and Limited
Full Guarantee
Salary Protection
24-month Contract
No Stress

Our Services Covered Everything

Entry Permit
Change of Status
Medical Fitness
Emirates ID
Medical Insurance
Employment Contract
Residency Visa
WPS Salary Account
& ATM Card

Entry Permit

You can apply for an entry permit for your Domestic / Worker Deposit Payable for Expats only AED2,000 (you will need your IBAN number for deposit refund)

You can apply for an entry permit for your Domestic / Worker Deposit Payable for Expats only AED2,000 (you will need your IBAN number for deposit refund)

Inside UAE :
if worker is under visit or cancelled visa status.
After typing process Notification of approval will be sent via sms
(Proceed to Step 3)

Outside the UAE :
If worker still has to enter the UAE and you would like the worker to enter the country on an employment visa ( which at this stage is called an entry visa)
After typing process Notification of approval will be sent via sms

Change of Status

This is the next step after getting an approval of Entry Permit (Inside country).

You have until the expiry date on the Change of Status document to complete the residency visa application or else your application will be invalid.
The validity of this application is up to 60 days.
Notification will be sent via Email from MOI/GDRFA

Important note:
Your domestic/household worker cannot leave the country until Residence Visa has been stamped. In case of emergency reasons, Entry Permit
application can be cancelled so he/she can leave the country accordingly.

Medical Fitness Test

Medical Fitness Test– As per UAE Law, all domestic and household worker must be “ fit to work” before a residence visa is issued.

Typing must be done prior to the worker going for medical .

Medical Examination must be completed in approved Government Health Centers.

Important Note:
Medical fitness/certificate is valid for 90 days only.

Emirates ID

Emirates ID application is required to get a residence visa approval. Biometrics must be completed if your domestic/household worker is applying for the first time. Validity of this application is as follows:

Local (Emirati): 2 years
Expat: 1 year
GCC: 2 years

Important Note:

Biometrics for new applicants must be completed within 10 days from the time Emirates ID application has been generated or else the application will be invalid.

Medical Insurance

Required for all domestic and household workers.

Policy is issued after labour contract is signed, “FIT” medical certificate and Copy of Emirates ID Typing is submitted.

Employment Contract

New Domestic Workers Law 10/2017

Immigration employment contract for year 2017 and 2018 is accepted.

MOHRE employment contract needs to be printed for new visa applications or if the sponsor holds an old contract.

Residency Visa Application

This is the final step in getting a residence visa for your domestic/household worker.

The residence visa stamping/sticker should be available on your worker’s passport once the application has been approved. Validity of the residence visa application is as follows:

Local (Emirati): 2 years
Expat: 1 year
GCC: 1 year

WPS Salary Account
& ATM Card

We provide and process salary through C3 Card. The C3 card can be used to make withdrawals from more than 350 ATMs and physical or online payments. When connected to the C3 mobile application, it offers financial services that were not previously available to workers without bank accounts: real-time balances, records of transactions, mobile recharges, etc.

Extra Training Training Days 1-2-3 ( For Skill Set )

Day 1
8 am - 10:30 am Medical + Fitness Testing
11 am - 6 pm MOHRE Domestic Workers Training
DAY 2 + DAY 3
Housekeeping Level 1 • What is a Good Housekeeper?
• Duties and Responsibilities
• Tools of the trade: Equipment and Chemicals
Childcare Level 1 • Basic introduction Pediatric First Aid
• Handling Newborns
• Feeding and Sleeping Routines
• Home Safety
• Food and Personal Hygiene
Housekeeping Level 2 • Laundry Care
• Ironing Techniques
• Hanging and Folding Clothes
• Closet Organization
Pediatric First Aid
(6 Hrs)
• Responsibilities of the Pediatric first aider
• Assessing an emergency situation
• Managing an unresponsive infant or child
• The Respiratory system
• Wounds and bleeding
• Shock
• Fractures and dislocations
• Dealing with minor injuries
• Dealing with illness
Professional Nanny Training
( 18 Hrs )
• Pediatric First Aid
• Home Safety
• Learning Development
• Playing and Reading, Toys and Fun
• Feeding and Meals

MOHRE Domestic Worker Training (4 Hours)


Testing & Evaluation


Certification & Awards

Followed by

Delivered by


The Housekeeping Institute was established in 2015.

Licensed by the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority).

Established as an educational vehicle in providing quality training courses for Domestic and Household Workers.