MOHRE Domestic Worker Training (4 Hours)

MOHRE Domestic Worker Training

A MOHRE approved and designed course for all domestic workers.

Dear Worker : Introduction

“You are about to embark on a new experience that brings you to live and work in the UAE. Your employers social and cultural habits differ from what you are accustomed to in your country. Always remember that respect between you and your employer must be mutual. It is your right as a human being and a worker to be treated respectfully, and it is also the right of the employer as a business owner to be respected and that you perform the tasks required from you.”

The training will cover :

1. Your rights and duties, how to guarantee these rights and carry out these duties during your work;

         helps you acclimatize to the country you work in and cope with the people; their habits and lifestyle.

2. The working environment, living conditions, and cultural climate in the UAE

3. Your rights and obligations as per your contract and the law

4. How and where to submit your complaint if you have any problem or suffer from maltreatment, and what will happen when appealing to the authorities.


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