British EYFS Nanny Teaching Assistant

Job Description: Roles & Responsibilities
Homecare & Homeschool

Your children looked after by professionals at home. British Curriculum EYFS Nursery Teaching Assistants qualified to deliver home schooling and play activities throughout the age range. (Newborn - 6 years) Private School Teachers - delivering British and American 12 years curriculum in the safety of your home. Pediatric First Aid Trained Nannies and motivated Care Assistants experienced in Special Needs therapy and development.

  1. British EYFS Early Years Trained Staff
  2. British Team delivering EYFS eLearning program 8am-12 noon in the safety of your home
  3. Supporting the delivery of 5 live interactive lessons daily
  4. Childcare duties and light Housekeeping duties in the afternoon
  5. Afternoon supported play and activities with Prerecorded videos/ activities
  6. Child protection and health and safety trained
  7. Trained in child development and appropriate age stage play/activities
  8. 5-6 days a week
  9. Daily Drop off and collection service
  10. All Staff provided with new PPE on daily basis
  11. All staff transportation deep-cleaned + disinfected daily
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Job Specification: (Qualifications, Experience & References)

1. Degree Educated (Physiotherapist, Childcare Management, Professional Nanny, Elderly Care, Nursing)
2. Proficient in English or Arabic OR
3. Min 3 years’ + experience. (outside source country) checks.
4. Experience in either
   • Night Carer
   • Special needs
   • Caring for aged
5. Proficient Swimmer Paediatric First Aid Certificate Physiotherapy

Knowledge & Understanding

A Qualified Carer needs to know and understand the following:
• Legal and work setting requirements as clearly defined by the employer
• Her role in supporting caretaking
• Her obligation to report any acts or oversight that could compromise the rights of her charge
• Codes of practice, standards, frameworks and guidance relevant to caretaking
• The role of the parents/guardians in supporting the caretakers charge wellbeing and developmental progress
• The expectation of the employer
• Housekeeping Co. is responsible for caretakers employment All HR related issues, employee welfare and Payroll Employer contact details


• Effective communication skills with children of different ages
• Language abilities of children of different ages
• Factors that impact communication and language abilities with children/elderly at all ages