Job Description: Roles & Responsibilities
Untrained and Unskilled, A Complete Beginner.

A basic “fetch-carry-iron-make-clean-mop-prepare” Must be given regular supervision, and instruction. Performs better in family situations, where the female head of households is at home giving instructions.

In many cases she will become excellent in ironing, or hard basic cleaning (bathrooms, corridors, bedrooms etc.) but will have limited presentation skills, and doesn’t have a high level of expectation/experience in quality settings/luxury finishes.

Training required for good Housekeeping theory, Housekeeping vocabulary and English Or Arabic General language vocabulary and grammar.

Maids can become excellent in what they do but limited in scope for further advancements and generally cannot manage other staff.

Many families have had long standing, highly loyal maids for many years, and in some cases it is not unusual for maids to retire from the same family, to be kept on in a grace-a-favour accommodation for the rest of their lives.

Maids also make good (3-1) all round ( Maid-babysitter and Cook) where percentage of duties requires to be allocated in the job description/offer of employment letter.

Advanced skilled and experienced maids are usually given complete autonomy, and are highly trusted members of a household, respected and held in high regard by the children of the employer and any other domestic workers in the home. Maids who have been trained and have spent several years (minimum 3+) in working life, with fluency in English or Arabic are suitable for classification to Housekeeper level.

12 Candidates Available for Interview

Age: 36
Nationality: Ethiopia
Experience: 6 years


Age: 27
Nationality: Uganda
Experience: 5 years


Age: 42
Nationality: Ethiopia
Experience: 13 years


Age: 29
Nationality: Kenya
Experience: 1 year


Age: 37
Nationality: Ethiopia
Experience: 4 years


Age: 39
Nationality: Ethiopia
Experience: 4 years


Age: 34
Nationality: Ethiopia
Experience: 2 years


Age: 26
Nationality: Kenya
Experience: Less than a year


Age: 24
Nationality: Myanmar
Experience: Less than a year

Job Specification: (Qualifications, Experience & References)

1. Basic Education 9-12 years.
2. Must have been taught in English spoken curriculum.
3. Must be able to read/write
4. Must provide visa stamps in current and old passports for references as evidence of previous employers. Generally, Maids do not have references.

Job Role Split

(% of job role allocation to exceed no more than 12 working hours)

Job Role Job Role % Total Hours
Maid 50% 5 hours
Babysitting/ Childcare 30% 3 hours
Cook/ Kitchen Helper 20% 2-3 hours
Knowledge & Understanding

A Maid needs to know and understand the following:


• The MOHRE domestic worker training
• The 30-day settling-in-period, as provided by the employing family.
• Maids role in supporting the family cleaning, cooking and housekeeping requirements and preferences.
• Maids role in time management
• The expectation of the employing family as defined at interview stage, and throughout the 30-day settling-in-program.
• Housekeeping Co. is responsible for Maids employment ( All HR related issues, employee welfare and Payroll)
• Family/Employer name and contact details


• Her duty to perform her tasks well and with ability to constantly learn and improve via upskilling.


• Will be minimal at the beginning, however the employer/family is required to support the education and upskilling of the Maid on a continual and ongoing basis.