Apprentice Cook

Job Description: Roles & Responsibilities
Semi-Skilled and Qualified
Minimum 3+ years’ experience

Working Knowledge of European or Arabic /Asian Style Cooking Can write menus, recipes, and procedures for cooking family meals. Can write Shopping lists and to some degree knows the cost of the basic menu staples.

Knowledgeable of different dietary requirements –family, children’s and elderly
Knowledgeable in Juicing-Salads-baking-
Understands food hygiene, batch cooking, and family cooking, re-heating, freezing and defrosting.

Can bake-roast-poach-BBQ all meats including fish. Is familiar with all kitchen appliances and equipment. Generally takes care of cleaning kitchen, stores, shopping, food preparation-service and clearing.

Job Description: Roles & Responsibilities
A “MAID of the kitchen: a complete beginner
untrained and unskilled

Somebody with little or no knowledge of cooking or food hygiene however will learn through a cook or the lady of the home.
She will learn as she is working, and will be doing the basic hard work involved in food preparation such as cleaning food, washing fish, vegetables, rinsing rice, stirring, taking food out of the oven, frying, steaming, baking, and will be the assistant to the COOK or the lady of the home.

Usually she will have to clean all equipment, dishes, and cooking utensils, and in general keeping the kitchen in a clean state.

3 Candidates Available for Interview

Age: 26
Nationality: Philippines


Age: 27
Nationality: Uganda


Age: 22
Nationality: Uganda

Job Specification: (Qualifications, Experience & References)

1. Basic Education 9-12 years.
2. Must have been taught in English spoken curriculum.
3. Must be able to read/write
4. Must provide visa stamps in current and old passports for references as evidence of previous employers. Generally, COOKS do not have references.

Extra Qualifications:

• Dubai Municipality Food Handlers Certificate.
• Food Hygiene Certificate
• Culinary Certificates
• Min 3 years’ experience.
• References from previous employer.

Knowledge & Understanding

A Cook needs to know and understand the following:


• The MOHRE domestic worker training
• The 30-day settling-in-period, as provided by the employing family.
• Cooks role in supporting the family meals, cooking and kitchen cleaning requirements and preferences.
• Cooks role in time management
• The expectation of the employing family as defined at interview stage, and throughout the 30-day settling-in-program.
• Housekeeping Co. responsible for Cooks employment ( HR, welfare and Payroll)
• Family/Employer name and contact details


• Her duty to perform her tasks well and with ability to constantly learn and improve via upskilling.


• Will be minimal at the beginning, however the employer/family is required to support the education and upskilling of the Cook on a continual and ongoing basis.