Job Description: Roles & Responsibilities
Live In Option ONLY

• We deliver all staff in company provided transportation which is disinfected and sanitised on a daily basis.
• All staff are provided with temperature checks daily, plus they are supplied with NEW PPE every day.
• All staff are instructed NOT to remove their masks, and must follow strict hygiene protocols at all times in the home.

Health and safety,

• Health and safety requirements in the work setting
• First aid procedures
• Fire safety procedures
• Risks associated with health and safety hazards
• Practices for the prevention and control of infection/diseases
• The responsibility that everyone has to raise concerns about possible harm or abuse, poor or discriminatory practices
• Indicators of potential or actual harm or abuse
• How and when to report any concerns about abuse, poor or discriminatory practice, resources or operational difficulties
• What to do if you have reported concerns but no action is taken to address them

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Job Specification: (Qualifications, Experience & References)

1. Degree Educated (Physiotherapist, Childcare Management, Professional Nanny, Elderly Care, Nursing)
2. Proficient in English or Arabic OR
3. Min 3 years’ + experience. (outside source country) checks.
4. Experience in either
   • Night Carer
   • Special needs
   • Caring for aged
5. Proficient Swimmer Paediatric First Aid Certificate Physiotherapy

Knowledge & Understanding

A Qualified Carer needs to know and understand the following:
• Legal and work setting requirements as clearly defined by the employer
• Her role in supporting caretaking
• Her obligation to report any acts or oversight that could compromise the rights of her charge
• Codes of practice, standards, frameworks and guidance relevant to caretaking
• The role of the parents/guardians in supporting the caretakers charge wellbeing and developmental progress
• The expectation of the employer
• Housekeeping Co. is responsible for caretakers employment All HR related issues, employee welfare and Payroll Employer contact details


• Effective communication skills with children of different ages
• Language abilities of children of different ages
• Factors that impact communication and language abilities with children/elderly at all ages