Certified Childcare Babysitter + Childminder

Job Description: Roles & Responsibilities

Primary role is to support the parents/guardian in looking after the continuing education, welfare and safety of children, sick, disabled, elderly (no general housekeeping but may involve some cooking/cleaning for the children/elderly).

Work effectively with parents/guardians to provide care and support for infants, children, able-bodied and non-able bodied, special needs including the elderly living at home.

  1. Maid category support worker (untrained and unskilled)
  2. Families require to supervise and train the babysitter/childminder until they are confident in handling child alone.
  3. Live in option only
  4. Families required to follow 30 day settling in program and impart daily support and guidance to the worker to bring her to a level of handling children without constant supervision.
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Job Specification: (Qualifications, Experience & References)

1. Basic Education 9-12 years.
2. Must have been taught in English spoken curriculum.
3. Must be able to read/write
4. Must provide visa stamps in current and old passports for references as evidence of previous employers. Generally, Maids do not have references.

Job Role Split

(% of job role allocation to exceed no more than 12 working hours)

Job Role Job Role % Total Hours
Babysitting/ Childcare 100% 12 hours
Elderly Care 100% 12 hours
Knowledge & Understanding

A NQ nanny/carer needs to know and understand the following:


• The MOHRE domestic worker training
• The 30-day settling-in-period, as provided by the employing family
• Her role in supporting the family cleaning, cooking and housekeeping requirements and preferences For the nanny/carer
• Her role in time management
• The expectation of the employing family as defined at interview stage, and throughout the 30-day settling-in-program.
• Housekeeping Co. is responsible for NQ Nanny/Carer employment ( All HR related issues, employee welfare and Payroll)
• Family/Employer name and contact details


• Her duty to perform her tasks well and with ability to constantly learn and improve via upskilling.


• Will be minimal at the beginning, however the employer/family is required to support the education and upskilling of the Maid on a continual and ongoing basis.